How Franchise Park Café Work?

Understanding the Application Process

Applying for a new franchise can seem daunting at times, so we’ve outlined the process to help give you a better idea of what’s involved before you start.

1. Application

When you’re ready to apply, go to the Franchisee Application section of our website and complete the online form.

2. Initial Introduction

Telephone call and informal meeting, preliminary discussion about brand, business intentions and experience.

3. Formal Application Pack

Specific and in depth information shared about the brand, our business model and franchising. Handbook and process discussed. Preliminary approval determined.

4. Heads of Agreement and Deposit

Executed HOA received and deposit held, pending formal approval.

5. Formal Business Meeting

The applicant is then provided the opportunity to present their business plan to the General Manager – incorporating sales, people, marketing and management strategy. The financial plan and exit strategy will be discussed. Evidence of financial suitability, proposed corporate structure and previous education and work experience will also be presented by the applicant.

6. Due diligence and consideration

After all requirement documents are submitted, the franchise business team will work on evaluation which based on the required criteria. If your candidate document meet our standard, we will process to final stage for signing franchise agreement.

7. Formal Approval

We will inform you about the schedule of signing Park Café Franchise agreement. Later our franchise business team will hand on in detail about business processing regarding to store design language and operation flow. There will some courses of operation procedure that you will need to attend to cover the operation work flow when your franchise store in operating.